Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Craft Fair Preparations.

As you know I have another Pocket Wren craft fair coming up at the weekend, so I am busy getting things organised for it. I'm trying to work on improving the overall look of my stall. So this weekend I decided I was going to try and create a bit more height on my stall by building some shelving.

I had some old scraps of wood left over from bits of old furniture and garden stuff in collecting dust in the garage which is what I used (with the aid of my ever helpful husband!) to create the shelving unit below.

I then white washed the whole thing to give it a more rustic look to compliment my work. I had a spare plank left over so I used two wicker storage baskets as supports to make an extra moveable shelf so I can make my stall layout more flexible. Hopefully my new shelves will help me make more of my product display.

I just need to have a trial run now (on my dining room table) at setting up my stall to see where everything is going to go as I have a lot more stock I'd like to include this time. Hmm...I think that this could be a long job, lots of rearranging and head scratching!